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Workers’ Compensation

Suffering workplace injuries can be frightening.

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Suffering workplace injuries can be frightening. Concerns about losing your job, losing pay and being hurt are top of mind. Even workers with ‘safe’ office jobs can end up being hurt. Common causes of workplace injuries include overexertion, vehicle accidents, and falls. The process of proving your claim can be difficult, but we can help you file the necessary paperwork.

The first step in filing a workers compensation claim is to report the incident to your employer. This is important because you only have a limited number of days from the date of your incident to file your claim. The next step is seeking medical attention immediately after the incident. You should have a detailed report of your injuries and expenses incurred. The final step is to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney. Gathering all of the information related to your case can take time, so it is important to get started as soon as possible.

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